An equation system has been deduced for meridional throughflow fields of multistage axial flow compressors, presenting different kinds of spanwise mixing effects of the fields in a unified form. The spanwise mixing in compressors is caused by three kinds of effects, molecular motion, turbulent diffusion, and circumferential non–uniformities, the last of which includes secondary flow effects and others. This equation system thus unifies the two models for spanwise mixing analyses by Adkins & Smith (1981) and Gallimore & Cumpsty (1986). The turbulent diffusion in the two–dimensional (2–D) meridional fields is determined by complex three–dimensional (3–D) shear flows in compressors, rather than the 2–D shearing alone, so a turbulence model for 2–D meridional flow calculations is proposed on the basis of a simplified 3–D shearing structure in compressors. The circumferentially non–uniform correlation terms in the equation system have been modeled on the basis of Adkins and Smith (1981) secondary flow model and the experimental data for annular cascade wakes. The results obtained agree well with the experiments for five compressors. The results also show some improvement over the previous theories.

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