On July 3, 1964 TransCanada PipeLines Limited commissioned the first Rolls-Royce Industrial Avon, in a Cooper Bessemer pipeline compressor set. In 1986, Cooper-Rolls introduced upgraded versions of the Avon (1535E) and power turbine (RT48S). In 1987, TransCanada converted an Avon to 1535E standard at one location and power turbines to RT48S at two other locations. Following one year of acceptable operation, four units were converted to the “Production” standard with both Avon and power turbine upgraded in 1988.

Testing showed the old, modified units to achieve the performance guaranteed for new engines. The condition of the lead Avon 1535E at tear-down after 6000 hours is described, together with a statement on condition after 15000 hours. The four units modified in 1988 were torn down for inspection during the Summer of 1989, and their condition is discussed. Minor operating difficulties are described together with their solutions.

This paper publishes work that was presented without publication at the Toronto conference in June 1989 together with new information which has become available since that time.

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