The multi-packets whole bladed disks are usually used in the turbo-machineries. The most different characteristic of the multi-packets whole bladed disk is that some blades are connected by lacing forming a bladed packet, and several bladed packets are assembled to form a multi-packets whole bladed disk system. Mistuning of blades is an attractive vibration subject due to vibration localization problems that vibration energy focuses on some blades. The vibration localization characteristics of steady state of bladed disk are mainly discussed in previous studies, and few works focus on the transient vibration localization behaviors of the multi-packets whole mistuned bladed disk. Transient vibration characteristics of bladed disk are crucial during startup. Therefore, in this paper, transient vibration characteristics of the multi-packets whole bladed disk are studied. A developed mathematical model is used to calculate the transient vibration response of the multi-packets whole bladed disk. The number of bladed packets on the transient vibration localization of the multi-packets mistuned whole bladed disk is discussed. The results indicate that the bladed packets are able to reduce the transient vibration localization. The results suggest that the bladed packet is an alternative approach to reduce the vibration localization of bladed disk caused by mistuning. Moreover, the different number of bladed packets will produce various behaviors of transient vibration localization of multi-packets whole mistuned bladed disk system.

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