Higher turbine inlet temperatures may require the use of ceramic matrix composites (CMC) such as SiC/SIC, which require environmental barrier coatings (EBCs) to protect them against the detrimental effect of water vapor. The goal of this project is to determine the maximum bond coating temperature for EBCs for land-based turbines, where the minimum coating lifetime is 25,000 h. If the temperature exceeds the 1414°C melting point of the Si bond coating, then coatings without a bond coating also need to be evaluated. Thus, current Yb2Si2O7 EBCs with a Si bond coating and next-generation EBCs without a Si bond coating are being evaluated in laboratory testing using 1-h cycles in air+90%H2O. For this initial work, coatings were deposited on CVD SiC coupons. Reaction kinetics at 1250°, 1300° and 1350°C have been evaluated by measuring the thickness of the thermally grown silica scale after 100–500 h exposures. For comparison, scale growth rates for uncoated SiC and Si specimens in dry and wet environments were included as minimum and maximum values, respectively. Based on a critical scale thickness failure criteria, estimated maximum temperatures were calculated for both EBC systems using this initial data.

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