In this paper, we discuss the development of a non-intrusive surface temperature sensor based on long-wavelength infrared (LWIR) hyperspectral technology. The LWIR detection enables to minimize optical interferences from hot combustion gases (emission mostly within UV-MWIR region). Utilization of hyperspectral detection allows to further improve temperature measurement accuracy and precision. The developed sensor with fiber coupling provides the required flexibility to be maneuvered around/through combustor hardware. The LWIR fiber probe is fully protected by the custom-designed water-cooled probe housing. This device is designed to sustain temperature of 2400 K at pressure of 50 bar, which enables long-term optical diagnostics inside the practical high-pressure combustion facilities where extreme thermal acoustic perturbation and intense heat fluxes are present. The housing featured a diamond window to selectively measure spectra in the LWIR region to get accurate surface temperature exclusively of the combustor wall. The probe was installed into a RQL style combustor to get surface temperature of both hot and cold side of the combustor wall. Further, pointwise heat flux estimates across the combustion liner wall was derived using the temperature measurements.

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