Inlet distortion has influence on the aerodynamic performance of turbomachinery such as compressors, turbines and fans. On turbochargers, bent pipes are installed around the compressor due to the spatial limitations in the engine room of the vehicle. As the result, the compressor is operated with the distorted inflow. In the low flow rate operation, the distorted inflow also affects the flow instability like stall and surge. Especially, the operation range on the low flow rate side is defined based on the flow rate where surge occurs, so it is important to investigate the effect of the distorted inflow on surge. In this study, the effect of the inlet distortion to surge phenomena has been investigated by the experiments with a transonic centrifugal compressor. A bent pipe has been installed at the upstream of the compressor to generate a distorted flow. Experiments have been also conducted under the condition that a straight pipe was installed upstream of the compressor, and unsteady measurements with high response pressure sensors and an I-type hot wire probe have been carried out to each experiments. In addition, Fast Fourier transform (FFT) and Wavelet transform have been applied to the unsteady measurement results obtained from each experiment.

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