Within the conceptual design phase of an aero engine parametric studies — taking into account all interdisciplinary disciplines — are carried-out in order to find an optimum engine. MOPEDS (Modular Performance and Engine Design System) is MTU’s predesign tool and is used for these tasks. The already existing methods of MOPEDS are expanded by using and implementing additional tools for a first component mechanical design, thus enabling a “zooming” capability for individual methods.

The presented paper describes how these tools are combined in order to achieve a first mechanical design of turbo components already in the conceptual design phase.

Based on the performance calculation and a life target, the allowable stresses and temperatures are calculated. Based on the life requirement and the translated temperature and stress limits, the first design of the components is carried out. For complicated geometries such as the blade-root, sophisticated methods are used. Additionally, topology based methods, based on the statistical analysis of existing aero engine geometries, are used for the first design of small elements (outer shroud, inner shroud, rotating air system, disk-wings). The application and the accuracy of the methods are shown in various studies.

This approach leads to a first component design of high accuracy in a short time.

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