Stability and response predictions are presented for a Flexibly Mounted Stator (FMS) mechanical seal ring using the model developed by Childs in 2018. The seal ring is excited by external vibration from the rotor/housing. The model includes a frequency dependent stiffness and damping model for the O-ring and a frequency independent model for the fluid film. The dynamic coefficients depend on both speed and excitation frequency. Data used in defining the model are representative of a typical FMS mechanical seal. Parameters for radius and O-Ring placement are varied. The predictions show an insignificant dependency on speed. The predictions are strongly frequency dependent with a critical speed of 90 kRPM. The FMS is predicted to be stable to frequencies below 140 kRPM. The distance between the O-Ring and seal ring inertia center doz couples lateral and pitch-yaw motion of the seal ring. Overall, if doz is kept small, the seal ring is predicted to not have any stability or response issues.

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