The demand for improving the steam turbine economic efficiency is being expected for both GTCC and conventional power plants. MHPS suggests HP/IP/LP separate casing and one bearing/rotor (one bearing between two casings) type steam turbine to enhance the turbine efficiency and reduce the cost of construction. Separate casing is preferable for blade aerodynamic performance, and one bearing/rotor is effective to reduce turbine bearing mechanical losses and turbine length. From the view point to design this type of rotor shaft arrangement, the most important point is to apply bearing technologies to permit the higher specific load and lower mechanical loss as well as for better dynamic oil film characteristics. The new two pads tilting journal bearing has been developed, utilizing MHPS’s experience on traditional two pads bearing with direct lubrication. The bearing structure and design parameters are optimized and good static and dynamic performance are obtained. Further, as practical countermeasures for a sub-synchronous vibration, the oil supply nozzle efficiency is improved, while properly adjusting supply oil flow distribution. The 610 mm size bearing test was conducted in-house test facility. The limit of specific load was verified, the bearing loss has become less than target.

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