This paper solves the filtered Navier-Stokes equations to simulate stall inception of NASA compressor transonic Stage 35 with delayed detached eddy simulation (DDES). A low diffusion E-CUSP Riemann solver with a 3rd order MUSCL scheme for the inviscid fluxes and a 2nd order central differencing for the viscous terms are employed. A full annulus of the rotor-stator stage is simulated with an interpolation sliding boundary condition (BC) to resolve the rotor-stator interaction. The tip clearance is fully gridded to accurately resolve tip vortices and their effect on stall inception. The DDES results show that the stall inception of Stage 35 is initialized by a weak harmonic disturbance with the length scales of the full annulus and grows rapidly with two emerging spike like disturbance. The two spike disturbances propagate in counter rotational direction with about 42% of rotor speed. The spike stall cells cover about 6 blades. They lead to two stall cells grown circumferentially and inwardly.

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