A modification of a conventional straight four-tooth labyrinth seal with inclined teeth including single and double stepped notches is proposed. The variants are to be numerically modeled and evaluated for potential leakage reduction through the seal as a result of the developing flow field. The CFD methodology for numerical investigation is first validated by comparison with literature data from static labyrinth seal experiments. The objective is to numerically analyze the proposed “Notched Inclined Teeth” with solid and honeycomb lands and verify the leakages. Another objective is to compare these leakages with the “Stepped Double Notched Straight Tooth” variant discussed by the present authors in a previous paper.

Results indicate that the proposed modifications — single and double stepped notched inclined teeth, systematically reduce the seal leakage compared to the baseline straight and forward inclined teeth due to higher turbulence, higher blockages by introducing vortex in leakage flow through step and cavities, and higher flow resistance as compared to baseline model.

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