The paper investigates the effect of trailing edge filing in the impeller on the performances of impeller and compressor stage. The 3D viscous numerical simulations are carried out under different positions, thicknesses and lengths of filing. The results show that, the filing on the trailing edge has an obvious effect on the pressure ratios of impeller and compressor stage. The trailing edge filing has little effect on the impeller efficiency while the filing on the pressure side is favorable to improving the stage efficiency. Then, through correcting the blade angles at the suction and pressure sides, considering the viscosity and 3D characteristics of the flow, a modified slip factor formula is proposed for the centrifugal impeller with a trailing edge filing. The validation to the proposed formula shows that the proposed formula can be used to predict the slip factors of different filing cases with a good accuracy. It can provide a theoretical guidance for the quantitative calculation when using the filing technology to improve the performance of centrifugal impeller as well as the stage.

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