A transient method to analyze blade forced response under stator-rotor wake influence is proposed in dealing with asymmetric aerodynamic load. The vibration response of the blades is calculated in the fluid-structure coupled manner for the asymmetric vane spacing. Four different types of modification are adopted in the investigation. The reduction effect on the vibration stress due to the asymmetric vane spacing is examined by comparing the response characteristics of frequency and amplitude. Though the asymmetric vane spacing does not much affect the performance of the turbine, the results show that the proper asymmetric vane spacing can decrease the levels of the excitation force at specific frequencies to control the downstream blade forced response. The stress amplitude at the vane passing frequency is decreased by 51% in the most desirable modification in the study. After investigating the vibration characteristics of the blades under the wake excitation from upstream, the mechanism of the vibration reduction due to the asymmetric vane spacing is analyzed.

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