Generation of the grid for blade passages with packaging using universal grid generators usually takes much time. The paper is devoted to grid generation in turbo machine blade passages with packaging in automatic mode. The main requirement to the approach is to obtain the grid with minimum engineer participant. In the developed procedure engineer must specify only general input data: number of nodes, cell size near solid bodies and geometrical data.

Multiblock structured grids are considered. All grid blocks have node-to-node attachment between each other; periodicity is also specified from node to node. The grid in blade passage consists of two blocks: “O” grid around blade and “H” grid in blade passage. Additional blocks are used to describe different ZR-effects such us tip clearances, leakage seals and bleed air systems.

A variational method of constructing three dimensional grids composed of hexahedral cells is applied. The combination of the energy density functional and cell size functional is used. The first functional lets us control the shapes and the second functional lets us control the sizes of grid cells. Grid untangling procedure is also developed.

Developed approach was tested using the blades of axial and centrifugal compressors and axial turbines. Results of grid generation are presented.

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