Heat transfer in a leading edge, triangular shaped cooling channel with three channel orientations under high rotation numbers is experimentally studied. Continuous ribs and V-shaped ribs, both at 45° rib angle of attack, are applied on the leading and trailing surfaces. For each rib case, three channel orientations (90°, 67.5°, and 45°) with respect to the plane of rotation are tested. The rib height to hydraulic diameter ratio (e/Dh) is 0.085 and the rib pitch to height ratio (P/e) is 9. Reynolds numbers are from 15000 to 25000, and the rotation numbers are from 0 to 0.65. Results show that the heat transfer variation is influenced by the combined effects of rib configuration and channel orientation. Effect of channel orientation influences local heat transfer distribution inside this triangular channel, and heat transfer is enhanced gradually on the leading surface when the channel orientation varies from 90° to 45° for both ribbed cases in this study.

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