The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is conducting research and development on aircraft engine technologies to reduce environmental impact for the TechCLEAN project. As a part of the project, combustion technologies have been developed with an aggressive target that is an 80% reduction over the NOx threshold of the ICAO CAEP/4 standard. A staged fuel nozzle with a pilot mixer and a main mixer was developed and tested using a single-sector combustor under the target engine’s LTO cycle conditions with a rated output of 40 kN and an overall pressure ratio of 25.8. The test results showed a 77% reduction over the CAEP/4 NOx standard. A reduction in smoke was found under a higher thrust condition than the 30% MTO condition, and a reduction in CO emission was found under a lower thrust condition than the 85% MTO condition. In the present study, an additional fuel burner was designed and tested with the staged fuel nozzle in a single-sector combustor to control emissions. The test results show that the combustor enables an 82% reduction in NOx emissions relative to the ICAO CAEP/4 standard and a drastic reduction in smoke and CO emissions.

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