This paper describes numerical and experimental investigations of coal gasification in a combined arc-plasma entrained flow gasifier. The experimental installation is intended to operate in the electric power range of 30–100 kW, mass averaged temperature 1800–4000 K, coal dust consumption 3–10 kg·h−1 and gas-oxidant flow 0.5–15 kg·h−1.

The numerical experiments were conducted using the PLASMA-COAL computer code. It was designed for computation of the processes in plasma gasifiers. This code is based on a one-dimensional model, which describes the two-phase chemically reacting flow with an internal plasma source. The thermo-chemical conversion of the oxidizer-coal mixture is described through formation of primary volatile products, their conversion in the gas phase and the coke residue gasification reactions.

Kazakhstan Ekibastuz bituminous coal of 40% ash content, Germany Saarland bituminous coal of 10.5% ash content and 14% ash content bituminous coal from the Middleburg opencast mines, South Africa, were used for the investigation.

Performed investigations demonstrate that regardless of the coal quality the plasma assisted coal gasification allows obtaining a pure synthesis gas at a ratio of H2:CO≥1.

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