The present work develops an online stall control system combining a correlation measure, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and tip micro injection with the current results of unsteady flow, the improved modern control theory and the advanced control technology. An online scheme is established by computing a correlation measure with signal multiplication and integration. When a correlation measure drops below a preset threshold, the DSP control system sends an electrical signal to an electromagnetic valve that turns on a micro injection system. In this paper, the results of the tests conducted in a research compressor show that the correlation scheme is able to sense an impending stall in advance. The experiments results in the compressor show that the correlation measure goes up accordingly with micro-injection. A new method for online stall control combining the modern Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology and micro air injection is presented and discussed. A successful demonstration of the capability with the online DSP method in detecting the distribution function of the correlation measure and triggering the micro injection system is presented.

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