In order to develop liquid fuelled DLE gas turbine combustors, especially to accommodate alternative more environmentally friendly fuels, it is necessary that their operation is well understood. Although CFD can appear to offer many insights into the operation of such burners this is only achieved by applying a number of individual models to predict each stage in the mixture preparation and combustion processes. While each model is validated individually, their overall performance in a complex system is not well understood. This paper therefore presents unique data that can be used to determine the overall validity of CFD predictions of a Siemens combustor. Such data was produced by QinetiQ by making detailed (approximately 200) gas analysis measurements in the interior of the combustor while operating at gas turbine relevant conditions using the Sector Combustion Rig at the GTRC Port Talbot. The data collected shows detailed information regarding the internal processes of the combustor, and is therefore ideally suited to the validation of CFD.

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