Distributed generation emerged as a new philosophy for electricity generation in our time, since then, it has been possible to see new concepts of technology following the idea of energy production away from the main producers or in remote areas, mainly in the countryside. Distributed generation technologies include small gas turbine engines, internal combustion reciprocating engines, photovoltaic panels, fuel cells, solar thermal conversion and Stirling engines using fossil and biofuels. Among them, the small gas turbine engine that generates electricity and heat working with fossil or renewable fuels is a promising technology for the near future. The aim of this work is the cycle analysis and preliminary compressor design of a 600kW simple cycle gas turbine engine that has been developed in Brazil. The 600kW engine will be the first prototype of its class in Brazil. A cycle performance calculation for different pressure ratios and turbine inlet temperature was carried out for fixed component efficiencies and losses. A selection of the design point was discussed and compared with the existing commercial engines of the same class. A compressor design point calculation was carried out with a mean line calculation CODE developed in FORTAN language. A CFD simulation was used for flow field analyses and design refinement.

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