An efficient method for analysis of nonlinear vibrations of mistuned bladed disc assemblies has been developed. As a result, this development has facilitated the use of large-scale finite element models for realistic bladed discs, as used hitherto in analysis of linear vibration, to be extended for the analysis of nonlinear multiharmonic vibration. The new method is based on a technique for the exact condensation of nonlinear finite element models of mistuned bladed discs. The model condensation allows the size of the nonlinear equations to be reduced to the number of degrees of freedom where nonlinear interation forces are applied. The analysis of nonlinear forced response for simplified and realistic models of mistuned bladed discs has been performed. For a practical high-pressure bladed turbine disc, several types of nonlinear forced response have been considered including: (i) mistuning by scatter of underplatform dampers; (ii) mistuning by shroud gap scatter; (iii) mistuning by blade frequency scatter in the presence of nonlinear shroud interactions.

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