The Exo-Skeletal Engine concept represents a new radical engine technology with the potential for a substantial revolution in engine design. It is an all composite drum rotor engine in which conventional heavy shafts and discs are eliminated and are replaced by rotating casings that support the blades in spanwise compression. Thus the rotating blades are in compression rather than in tension. The resulting open channel at the engine centerline has immense potential for jet noise reduction, and can also accommodate an inner combined-cycle thruster such as a ramjet. The Exo-Skeletal Engine is described in some detail with respect to geometry, components and potential benefits. Initial evaluation, results for drum rotors, bearings and weights are summarized. Component configuration, assembly plan and potential fabrication processes are also identified. A finite element model of the assembled engine and its major components are described. Preliminary results obtained thus far show at least 30 percent reduction of engine weight and about 10 db noise reduction, compared to a baseline conventional high bypass-ratio engine. Potential benefits in all aspects of engine technology are identified and tabulated. Quantitative assessments of potential benefits are in progress.

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