For decades, trickle bed reactors (TBRs) have been widely used in chemical process industries due to their cost effectiveness and simplicity in operation. Despite their wide use, designing efficient TBRs is challenging, considering the complexity of various transport processes and interactions that occur simultaneously in TBRs. Hence, it is of prime importance to have a comprehensive understanding on the multiphase flow inside TBRs. The objective of this study is to investigate hydrodynamic of multiphase flow and to identify the flow regime developed inside TBRs. Multiphase flow inside TBRs is investigated by utilizing the well-established computational fluid dynamics approach and experimental study. A “discrete particle” approach together with Volume of Fluid multiphase flow modeling is utilized in this study. The effect of the bed particle diameter, spacing, and arrangement is examined and evaluated. The results are analyzed with regards to liquid content and pressure drop. The findings will assist in developing guidelines for designing TBRs.

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