This paper is concerned with the propagation of uncertainties in the values of turbulence model coefficients and parameters in turbulent flows. These coefficients and parameters are determined from experiments performed on elementary flows and they are subject to uncertainty. The widely used k–ε turbulence model is considered. It consists of model transport equations for the turbulence kinetic energy and rate of turbulent dissipation. Both equations involve various model coefficients about which adequate knowledge is assumed known in the form of probability density functions. The study is carried out for the flow over a 2D backward-facing step configuration. The Latin Hypercube Sampling method is employed for the uncertainty quantification purposes as it requires a smaller number of samples compared to the conventional Monte-Carlo method. The mean values are reported for the flow output parameters of interest along with their associated uncertainties. The results show that model coefficient variability has significant effects on the streamwise velocity component in the recirculation region near the reattachment point and turbulence intensity along the free shear layer. The reattachment point location, pressure, and wall shear are also significantly affected.

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