This paper presents a robust-optimal fuzzy controller for position and attitude stabilization, and vibration suppression of a flexible spacecraft during antenna retargeting maneuver. The fuzzy controller is based on Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy model and uses the dynamic parallel distributed compensator (DPDC) technique to quadratically stabilize the closed-loop system. The proposed controller is robust to parameter and unstructured uncertainties of the model. We improve the performance and the efficiency of the controller by minimizing the upper bound of the actuators amplitude and rate, and maximizing the uncertainties terms included in the T-S fuzzy model. In addition to actuator amplitude and rate constraints, a fuzzy model-based observer is considered for estimating unmeasurable states. Using Lyapunov stability theory and linear matrix inequalities (LMIs), we formulate the problem of designing an optimal-robust fuzzy controller/observer with actuator amplitude and rate constraints as a convex optimization problem. Numerical simulation is provided to demonstrate and compare the stability, performance, and robustness of the proposed fuzzy controller with a baseline nonlinear controller.

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