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  • Proceedings Article December 07, 2017

    Suman Chatterjee; Siba Sankar Mahapatra; Anshuman Kumar Sahu; Vijay K. Bhardwaj; Ambar Choubey; Brahma N. Upadhyay; Kushvinder S. Bindra

    Proc. ASME. 58516; Volume 2: Structures and Dynamics; Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind); Inlets and Exhausts; Emerging Technologies (Hybrid Electric Propulsion, UAV, ...); GT Operation and Maintenance; Materials and Manufacturing (Including Coatings, Composites, CMCs, Additive Manufacturing); Analytics and Digital Solutions for Gas Turbines/Rotating Machinery, V002T10A006.December 07, 2017
    doi: 10.1115/GTINDIA2017-4679

  • Proceedings Article August 06, 2017

    Monroe Kennedy, III; Dinesh Thakur; Vijay Kumar; M. Ani Hsieh; Subhrajit Bhattacharya

    Proc. ASME. 58189; Volume 5B: 41st Mechanisms and Robotics Conference, V05BT08A075.August 06, 2017
    doi: 10.1115/DETC2017-67881

    TOPICS: Robots
  • Proceedings Article June 26, 2016

    Bellam Sudheer; K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy; Ravi Gugulothu; V. S. S. P. Sashank Tallapragada; Manikanta Bhavirisetti

    Proc. ASME. 50220; Volume 1: Biofuels, Hydrogen, Syngas, and Alternate Fuels; CHP and Hybrid Power and Energy Systems; Concentrating Solar Power; Energy Storage; Environmental, Economic, and Policy Considerations of Advanced Energy Systems; Geothermal, Ocean, and Emerging Energy Technologies; Photovoltaics; Posters; Solar Chemistry; Sustainable Building Energy Systems; Sustainable Infrastructure and Transportation; Thermodynamic Analysis of Energy Systems; Wind Energy Systems and Technologies, V001T05A004.June 26, 2016
    doi: 10.1115/ES2016-59249

  • Proceedings Article August 02, 2015

    Denise Wong; Jeremy Wang; Edward Steager; Vijay Kumar

    Proc. ASME. 57113; Volume 4: 20th Design for Manufacturing and the Life Cycle Conference; 9th International Conference on Micro- and Nanosystems, V004T09A041.August 02, 2015
    doi: 10.1115/DETC2015-47683

    TOPICS: Robots